Lindsay Lohans Playboys pictures have leaked


Playboy obviously wanted to keep Lindsay Lohans photo shoot locked down until the magazine went on sale in about two weeks, but obviously any plan involving Lindsay Lohan was going to get fucked up and ruined. So every picture from the magazine is now online. I can't post it here because Playboy would sue the hell out of me, but they're on 4chan for now, and the Interobang, and I'll try to put new links up if these come down.

For the record, she looks awful. It might be the worst shoot I've ever seen in Playboy. It's just blurry pictures of a 7 in a wig in front of a blanket. They should have made it even blurrier, and told everyone they were taking pictures of the old set Marilyn Monroe used but there was no model there, no one was in the pictures when they took them, and they think this is her ghost.

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