Amanda Seyfried will be naked in ‘Lovelace’

January 11, 2012 | Uncategorized | editor | 0 Comments

E! says today that we need to get ready to see Amanda Seyfried, “like we’ve never seen her before.”

“With an expression,” you may ask? Perhaps (though probably not), but what they mean specifically is, “naked.” They’re also assuming you didn’t see ‘Chloe’, because she was naked in that constantly, and has naked lesbian sex with Julianne Moore (ahem and ahem).

We just got word that (Seyfried) is stripping way down for her role as famed Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic Lovelace…
“It’s going to be very risqué,” Lovelace producer Patrick Muldoon told us.
“It’s a new thing for her, but it’s not about nudity,” he said. “(It’s) about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace,” he said. “Yes, there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s a message movie about respecting women.”

“Especially the ones who can deep throat,” he went on to say.

(image source of seyfried on the set of ‘lovelace’ = pacific coast)

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