Amanda Seyfried will be naked in ‘Lovelace’

By brendon January 10, 2012 @ 3:58 PM


E! says today that we need to get ready to see Amanda Seyfried, “like we’ve never seen her before.”

“With an expression,” you may ask? Perhaps (though probably not), but what they mean specifically is, “naked.” They’re also assuming you didn’t see ‘Chloe’, because she was naked in that constantly, and has naked lesbian sex with Julianne Moore (ahem and ahem).

We just got word that (Seyfried) is stripping way down for her role as famed Deep Throat porn star Linda Lovelace in the upcoming biopic Lovelace…
“It’s going to be very risqué,” Lovelace producer Patrick Muldoon told us.
“It’s a new thing for her, but it’s not about nudity,” he said. “(It’s) about how abusive the porn industry was to Linda Lovelace,” he said. “Yes, there’s a lot of nudity, but it’s a message movie about respecting women.”

“Especially the ones who can deep throat,” he went on to say.

(image source of seyfried on the set of ‘lovelace’ = pacific coast)

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  1. avatar
    Mr. Poop 01/10/2012 16:09

    yeah . . . . this is going to turn out well.

  2. avatar
    cord 01/10/2012 16:15

    Funniest thing you’ve said all year.

  3. avatar
    solomonthewise1 01/10/2012 16:17

    that body is worth the price of admission. count me in.

  4. avatar
    XXXXXXXXXXXX 01/10/2012 16:46

    Will we also get to see Amanda Seyfried fuck a dog? Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. avatar
    SomeoneluvsU 01/10/2012 16:54

    Playing her as desperate, abused and road worn…
    I knew they should have left Lindsay keep the part.

  6. avatar
    Buck 01/10/2012 17:01

    Wait just one cotton pickin moment…..

    The college guy who stole Kelly from Zach and then got caught at a dance club kissing another girl is REALLY going to lecture us about “respecting women”?

    Pish. Posh.

  7. avatar
    Cocktail 01/10/2012 17:12

    If she needs any practice slamming cocks down her neck…

  8. avatar
    weaklid 01/10/2012 17:31

    She dresses like a Mormon.

  9. avatar
    CrappyCar 01/10/2012 17:43

    New up.

  10. avatar
    Gildorg 01/10/2012 20:28

    She should be naked in all her movie roles…

    It would increase the sales…

  11. avatar
    Burbank 01/11/2012 01:50

    A “risque” movie about a porn star from 30 years ago who specialized in sucking cock all the way down her throat? Oh my, how controversial! Hollywood, you’re so edgy!

  12. avatar
    QueerWithaGun 01/11/2012 10:40

    A “message movie” about “respecting women” that wouldn’t have even been made if not for the huge “market share” of “paying customers (men)” who enjoy seeing the “mentally enfeebled” being “throat-fucked on camera”.

    How inspiring!

  13. avatar 01/11/2012 16:39

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    BA732 01/12/2012 11:40

    sneak a leak…

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