so photoshopped its illegal, part 3

February 2, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Rachel Weisz is a beautiful woman, and in her L’Oreal ads it certainly seems like she’s been fighting the 10 visible signs of aging, but it was all a trick.

In fact her pictures were so manipulated and so exaggerated, that today she joins Julia Roberts and Taylor Swift in having her ads banned in the UK because they essentially lie to costumers.

And just think about that, think about how bad a company has to lie before their ads get banned. Even the commercials that begin by asking me if my penis is small and unsatisfying don’t get banned. They have a pretty lady in a lab coat purring about dicks, and how much she loves them, the bigger the better, and they certainly imply that mine could join this legion of legendary dongs if I take a $40 pill made of nothing but sawdust and glue, but even they don’t lie to customers the way cosmetic companies do.

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