Carrie Bradshaw had some rough years

March 24, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

The first official image from the CW’s ‘Sex and the City’ prequel has been released, showing AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw in the 1980’s. That’s the same girl Sarah Jessica Parker played in the 1990’s. And they really nailed it.

I have no idea what happened to her face in those middle years, but she must wake up screaming about it 5 times a week.

Robb must be relieved though. If I was a teenage girl, and someone said I looked like Sarah Jessica Parker, I would literally punch them in the face as hard as I could. Then I’d run to the bathroom, slam the door and lock it and slide down to the floor in uncontrollable tears. Later I’d carve “ugly” into my arm and take a bunch of laxatives, and a fireman would come through the door with an axe.

image source of sarah jessica parker at the louis vuitton show in paris on march 7, 2012 = getty, of robb last year in hawaii = flynet

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