Lindsay Lohan did it with this guy

By brendon March 07, 2012 @ 3:37 PM


Terry Richardson is a photographer whose specialty is lazy attempts at shocking and a “fucking creep” who takes his dick out during photo shoots. Oh and one time he asked a model if he could make tea with her used tampon. Needless to say he’s the toast of Hollywood these days.

One of his favorite models is Lindsay Lohan, apparently because she knows what to do when someone who can help her career takes his dick out.

Lohan recently enjoyed a steamy night of passion with controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson and she’s eager for a relationship, but the 46-year-old is “just not interested” Radar is reporting.
“Lindsay and Terry have been friends for years,” the source (says). “And she’s always had a thing for him. Lindsay thinks he’s really cool and hip and could be great for her career.
“Lindsay has been texting and phoning him nonstop and he’s actually kind of freaked out by how strong she’s been coming on to him; it’s all pretty unseemly.”

Lindsay is 25 by the way, so, yes, not only is she trying to date a pervert who is 21 years older than her, but she’s stalking him to a degree where she actually managed to creep him out. Which would be one thing if he was handsome and didn’t look like a sex offender. If that guy showed up within a hundred yards of a playground, I’d arrest and/or shoot him based on nothing but that mustache.

(image source = lindsay in purple magazine, shot by richardson)

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    Observer 03/07/2012 15:40

    Why does NOBODY ever use Trac-Phone?

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    Observer 03/07/2012 15:41

    I do sympathize, though……

    ….she is WAY too old for him…..

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    Observer 03/07/2012 15:44

    If I was Liz Taylor…..

    …I’d sue Lohan for violating my intellectual property and my “use and likeness” rights for wearing that T-shirt………

    ….and that would be the bloated “Joan Rivers mocked me” Liz Taylor

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    Mr. Nutt 03/07/2012 15:46

    I wonder if people run when they see her coming? How long until we see the “Lindsay has no friends story”?

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    Mr. Nutt 03/07/2012 15:47

    Nice spot Obs, Ironically, a picture of Liz from the biggest movie flop of all time.

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    Observer 03/07/2012 15:48

    Lindsay now has the type of face that light switches were made for…..

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    Mr. Nutt 03/07/2012 15:49

    Not bags?

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    The Puppet 03/07/2012 15:51

    I bet El Senor Terry has a beeger vagina…NO?

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    Rok 03/07/2012 15:55

    I can’t quit thinking about how big Jessica Simpson’s placenta is going to be.

    My mouth is just watering

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    Mr. Poop 03/07/2012 15:56

    Fuck off Wookie.

    I am going to make sweet love to her afterbirth.

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    The Puppet 03/07/2012 15:57

    Juen hare wee going to see hany good photos of her?

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 03/07/2012 16:02

    i am confused, what post are we on? i bet i would wear that placenta as a onesie.

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    RangerLG 03/07/2012 16:03

    These aren’t the tits I asked for.

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    Mr. Nutt 03/07/2012 16:03

    Mr. Poop, maybe you can let Rok have it when you’re done? Rok, just don’t add salt when you eat it.

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 03/07/2012 16:03


    walks away with head down, talking to self.

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    The Puppet 03/07/2012 16:08

    Hi can make great soup wit her plachenta!

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    Observer 03/07/2012 16:10

    Lindsay would be wise to prep her body for an Elle cover shoot…….

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    The Puppet 03/07/2012 16:11

    2 feengers ,while your head is down…jew think jew could suck on my peener?

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/07/2012 16:11

    Poor, poor creepy Terry,
    He can hide out from Lindsay,
    but there is no hiding from the herp…
    and the crabs…
    and gonorrhea….
    and syphilis…
    and hepatitis…
    and chlamydia…
    and Aids…
    and fire crotch-itus

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