Charlie Sheen has pledged at least $1 million to the USO

By brendon July 17, 2012 @ 2:53 PM


Though he could have selfishly spent it on more teen prostitutes and stylish hats, Charlie Sheen has pledged to donate 1% of the profits from his FX show “Anger Management”, or a minimum of $1 million, to the USO. The NY Daily News says…

The funds have been earmarked for the USO’s Operation Enduring Care campaign, which is helping to build two new USO Centers to support ill and injured troops and their families. One will be at Walter Reed/Bethesda Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, the other at Fort Belvoir, N.J.
“It’s an honor for me to be able to give back to these men and women of the military who have done so much for all of us,” Sheen said in a statement.
“They put their lives on the line for us every day, and I’m just happy that my work on ‘Anger Management’ can bring a little bit of relief to the troops and their families.”

Charlie Sheen is still an unstable lunatic, but that can be exhausting so when not being that he’s reportedly a very nice guy. It’s not as if he can just sit around doing it with porn stars 24 hours a day. Trust me on that. You need to rest at some point. Those videos expect me to perform every time.

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    Rok 07/17/2012 15:03

    I can’t read all that.

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    Honkey Dong 07/17/2012 15:04

    I feel bad for all of the teenage hookers out there now. Who will support them?

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    mikey the retard 07/17/2012 15:05

    gram says he iz a derty berd

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    Mr. Pickles 07/17/2012 15:18

    Gram’s pussy smells like moth balls and melba toast. Interesting combination.


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    adrian321 07/17/2012 15:22

    Fort Belvoir is in Virginia. Not NJ.

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    Mr. Pickles 07/17/2012 15:58

    A US fort named with a french word.



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    king jeremy the wicked 07/17/2012 16:09

    Yeah, if he thinks 1% of what that POS show is going to make equals a million bucks, he better take a math class.

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    Papa 07/17/2012 16:24

    Nice gesture.

    I guess.

    Who is this guy?

    Hemingway’s Foyer – Your Last Place To Be A Man

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    Rollin 07/18/2012 10:36

    I was really annoyed by that so thanks for bringing it up. Belvoir is in VA. And they don’t need a USO. Maybe they meant Dix or anywhere in Jersey really. Whole place could use some brightenin up.

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