‘Jack Reacher’ has a trailer

By brendon July 03, 2012 @ 6:12 PM

Everyone agrees that Tom Cruise is a member of a scary cult that takes advantage of people, and that’s very bad, but his new movie is directed by Christopher McQuarrie who wrote ‘the Usual Suspects’ and wrote and directed ‘The Way of the Gun’, which is THE SINGLE GREATEST MOVIE EVER MADE. So if Tom Cruise is what it takes to get a new Christopher McQuarrie movie than he could be in the fucking Manson Family for all I care. Go ahead, brainwash his kid, I don’t even like kids, I would probably brainwash them too so who am I to judge.

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    aquanetta jones 07/03/2012 18:17

    H seems queer

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    aquanetta jones 07/03/2012 18:18

    he seems queer, but in a strange way….not a sodomite way. I don’t want any scientology wierdos after me

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    Observer 07/03/2012 18:34

    I have not seen a lot of Tom Cruise movies since Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky…….and some of the Ninja Civil War movie…….

    ….but is he an action hero now…..???

    …like a really small one…??

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    Observer 07/03/2012 18:38

    Where has Roken been this week….???

    …..rubbing the lotion…?


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    Honkey Dong 07/03/2012 19:08

    “Jack Reacher: The loving story of John Travolta and his masseuse”

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    Observer 07/03/2012 19:15

    Honkey Dong…….very funny…

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    Hammer 07/03/2012 19:26

    Hammer knows that in the books, Jack Reacher is a ruthless mountain of a man, 6’5″, 250, with blond hair and blue eyes. Wee Tommy Cruise seems tailor made for the role.

    Hammer is also excited about Samuel L. Jackson playing Helen Keller in the upcoming “Blind Fury.”

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    duckbutter 07/03/2012 20:15

    why won’t it post me damn comments

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    duckbutter 07/03/2012 20:15

    I guess I used someone name I shouldn’t…..the hairy chewbacka has been hannging out me

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    Tylerdurden389 07/03/2012 20:22

    @Hammer: Meh. I don’t care if the actor portraying a character doesn’t fit how he’s written in the books/comic books. Charlton Heston fit the look of the character Robert Neville in “Omega Man” but Will Smith was the best portrayal of the character in “I Am Legend” (regardless of how much the movie sucked).

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    Mr. Nutt 07/03/2012 20:32

    Its Hollywood. Nobody’s happy.

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    Mr. Nutt 07/03/2012 20:34

    I tend to stay away from anything Tom Cruise. Just don’t like the guy.

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    P3pp3r 07/03/2012 20:53

    My feet smell

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    LoK 07/03/2012 20:58

    So, what, he’s the Punisher without the imposing stature or the skull shirt?

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    Geor 07/03/2012 20:59

    I just can’t grasp Tom Cruise playing someone as badass as Reacher. Not to mention the size issue on top of it.

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    roogie 07/03/2012 21:31

    Agreed Geor, every single one of Lee Child’s books makes a big deal about Reacher being 6’5 not 5’5. Hope it don’t suck.

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    BlackGold 07/03/2012 21:42

    Yeah I have to agree, every book makes it important to make a point of his size. Cruise isn’t even the size of Reacher in Second Son.

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    Tylerdurden389 07/03/2012 22:12

    Just remember guys, if it was a black actor playing a white character, none of you would be saying a damn thing. Cuz you know you’d be labeled as racists.

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    Honkey Dong 07/03/2012 22:53

    What do you say we get some big damn American titties for the Fourth of July??

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    Honkey Dong 07/03/2012 22:54

    Some nice squeezable ones that will make us explode!

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