Kelly Brook is in lingerie

By brendon August 21, 2012 @ 4:06 PM


I’ve never heard of New Look lingerie, so they fixed the hell out of that by taking pictures of Kelly Brook in a push-up bra. These pictures are so great that when I got to the end I was very sad and started to cry, and then my mom took me to Dairy Queen and got me a blizzard to cheer me up.

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    doofus membrane 08/21/2012 16:14

    I would spill a lot of seed on those seedless watermelons. I would also carry those huge tits for her so she would have less back pain. Spectacular as always.

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    RemSteale 08/21/2012 16:17

    Now that is more like it

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    RemSteale 08/21/2012 16:30

    No, sorry Obs, still forbidden

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    Honkey Dong 08/21/2012 16:49

    I hope this one becomes a “Crowd Favorite”, because Kelly has some sweet titties.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/21/2012 17:06

    Ladies and gentlemen,
    In the unlikely event of a water landing, her tits can be used as a flotation device
    place your hands firmly under the straps and pull tightly to your chest.

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    Mac-Daddy 08/21/2012 17:15

    I would Titty-Fuck Kelly B with the Gusto of a thousand pickles smashing their way down the north side of Mt. Everest in an devistating avalanche, throwing all of humanity into turmoil as they wonder how in the hell 100 billion pickles got to the top of a mountain to begin with.

    W/e the fuck that means. My brain just filled with TITS!

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    richie 08/21/2012 18:33

    Stunning, Amazing!!!

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    Pugiron 08/22/2012 00:30


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    doofus membrane 08/22/2012 15:51

    How many boxes of cookies would you need for those mammaries? Where did all the posts go?

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