Skullcandy hired Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton

By brendon August 28, 2012 @ 4:02 PM


Skullcandy makes terrible terrible headphones, you’d be better off just thinking about the song you want to listen to and humming, so putting Chrissy Teigen and Kate Upton in their ads was an excellent idea. They also put Jessica Stam and Chanel Iman in ads which was a less excellent idea. Iman is about to get shot by George Zimmerman and the Stam picture looks like a fucking zombie vacation ad, but I can see Uptons boobs, and I really appreciate that.

(image source = skullcandy, splash)

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    jab_socal 08/28/2012 16:29

    Are those headphones big enough to hide Teigen’s unfortunate head?

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/28/2012 16:33

    Kate Upton is not that hot.
    Chrissy is a different beast entirely.

    Skullcandy, is based in SLC. Fuck Mormons.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/28/2012 16:34

    Skullfuck > Skullcandy

    Just sayin

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    dubbya 08/28/2012 16:37

    She didn’t put the headphones on her boobs. Not buying them.

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    Mac-Daddy 08/28/2012 16:51


    I would kill you all if She commanded me to!

    On a side note, you should all start referring her as “The Lovely Mrs. Kate Upton-MacDaddy”

    Thank you, as you were!

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    generalcalm 08/28/2012 17:00

    it’s not like skullcandy is any worse that the junk ‘beats’ make… if it needs a celebrity to endorse it, it is garbage

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    Vulcan Science 08/28/2012 17:09

    wth, i just put up a post and vanish?

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    Vulcan Science 08/28/2012 17:10

    now that one worked….whatevs….the emotion is gone now…

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    dubbya 08/28/2012 17:38

    Mac: Challenge accepted.

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    LoK 08/28/2012 18:36

    Captain Chaos accepts the McChallenge for this fair maidens hot fucking body

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    LoK 08/28/2012 18:37

    Thinking the same thing jab

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    2 fingers 1 Thumb 08/28/2012 19:41

    fickle fackle drink my spackle

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    Papa 08/28/2012 21:03

    What the hell’s a Skull Candy?

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    felch 08/28/2012 21:28

    1 post outta what, 5? hitting your target demographic…solid…

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    Hammer 08/28/2012 23:01

    Hammer is pleased Pappy didn’t pimp a link to his lame website this time.

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