Today in Hot Olympic Asses

August 4, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

The best part of the Olympics is usually the number of times when a fantastically unprofessional photographer will zoom in on a girls ass, and that’s the case this year in London too.

In beach volleyball, Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney of Great Britain (pictured above) lost a sudden death play-off against Austria last night, but their asses looked fantastic if that helps any.

Actually Great Britain is dominating when it comes to surprisingly attractive athletes with incredible bodies. The heptathlon began today, and Jessica Ennis, Katarina Johnson Thompson, and Louise Hazel are all better looking that you might think. Not as good looking as Nadine Broersen of the Netherlands, but Ennis is the gold medal favorite and leads after day one. It would be funny if someone tried to rape her. Her legs and ass are so hard she could snap off an axe handle off in her rectum, much less some guys penis.

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