its Britneys real singing voice

By brendon September 20, 2012 @ 1:12 PM

In this clip from ‘the X Factor’, Britney Spears brings a cake and sings happy birthday to LA Reid, and it’s a rare chance to hear Britney sing with no production or autotune. But she still does that choppy thing with her voice, the way that people do when they’re making fun of Britney. It’s like all of her songs are recorded while she sits on a sybian.

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    sirlongfarts 09/20/2012 15:32

    False Sentiment + showing off = Gross.

    Who the fuck sings Happy Birthday with their “good voice”. How self indulgent. Like I break out my opera voice and blow the windows off the fuckin house at my son’s 5th birthday because that shit comes “naturally” and “I can’t help it”. Right. I swear, if the radical Muslims wanna blow shit up they have my permission to to start in any random Hollywood location.

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    rmufb71 09/20/2012 16:38

    I would watch her on a sybian… when are you uploading that video?

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    Maggots 09/20/2012 19:08

    LOL, I clicked on the comments just to say I would pay money to see her sit on a sybian myself… ;-p

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    Hutz 09/21/2012 16:15

    Are you sure that’s LA Reid? It looks like RuPaul.

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