Kristen Stewart is wearing Robert Patinsons clothes again

By brendon September 06, 2012 @ 12:13 PM


WEIRD: Kristen Stewart was wearing Robert Pattinsons clothes two weeks ago, about a month after they broke up because she cheated on him.

XTRA WEIRD: She did it again yesterday, wearing one of his shirts to LAX.

“THIS BITCH IS INSANE”: These are the only two times she’s been photographed since July. She’s essentially left the house twice in six weeks, and she’s been in his clothes each time. Is that coincidence, or does she wear his clothes every single day and we just don’t see it? This dude is gonna end up in her bed with his feet between a block of wood while she picks up a sledgehammer and tells him this is for the best.

(image source = inf, fame/flynet)

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    LoK 09/06/2012 14:59

    filler post to make the daily quota

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    aquanetta jones 09/06/2012 17:41

    I wear my ex girlfriend’s skin onc in a while…big deal

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