Selena Gomez has a well placed card

By brendon September 10, 2012 @ 8:07 PM


That headline picture is basically what Justin Bieber sees when he and Selena Gomez are alone, and tries to stifle his homosexuality long enough to get an erection.

(image source of selena at the tornoto film festival this weekend to promote ‘spring breakers’ = getty)


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  1. Burbank 09/10/2012 20:14

    Damn, slow news day?

  2. Balsley 09/10/2012 21:01

    It’s like they’re a pair of cut-off jeans away from becoming the teenie bopper version of Tobias and Lindsay Funke.

  3. God Hath Spoken 09/10/2012 23:07

    Her little face doesn’t make a very big target. For punching or spraying.

  4. Mando 09/11/2012 14:42

    Selena you sexy thing.

  5. pinky285 09/13/2012 10:55

    I would smack my dick sooo hard against the side of her face, she would have a permanent signed purple mushroom tattoo that would never be mistaken for anyone else’s dick but mine.

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