theres a $65 million reward to turn this gay girl straight

September 27, 2012 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

If God didn’t want Asian girls to have sex with each other, he should have thought of that before he made them so hot. Asian girls are awesome. They’re short, skinny, they have long hair and really soft skin. Obviously everyone is gonna want to have sex with them. But a Hong Kong billionaire is upset about that because his 33-year-old daughter is one of them, in fact she’s married to another girl, so he’s offering $65,000,000 to any guy that can “fix” his little problem.

And since that’s not how being gay works, a better idea might be to get a bunch of hot Asian models, like Levy Tran (below) and Julri Waters (above) and Hiromi Oshima, and then go demand a million dollars for every month that they DON’T try to fuck his daughter. If you think she’s gay now, wait until she has sex with them. That will make things way way worse.

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