Alessandra Ambrosio is photogenic

By brendon October 18, 2012 @ 1:15 PM


To recap: Jessica Simpson and physically perfect in every way Alessandra Ambrosio both gave birth 5 months ago, in the first week of May, yet Alessandra already looks like this again, while Jessica looks like the car behind her.

(image source of alessandra in la yesterday = fame/flynet)

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    fiddlebom 10/18/2012 14:50

    It helps if you hyphenate “physically-perfect-in-every-way” so readers know what you’re talking about.

    Great pics =-D

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    Thundercunt 10/18/2012 18:44

    Good genetics are underrated. See, that why you ONLY marry (or knock-up, whatevs) skinny chicks because even after babies try to destroy their bodies they still stay thin. That chick you dig may look hot with her hips and ass now but wait until a little demon pops out of her and ruins everything.

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    Thissiteiswack 10/20/2012 13:52

    Kegels are very important.

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    nora007 10/21/2012 15:24

    Funny shit bro, however I think its a bit distasteful. This chicks job, clearly, is to look fucking great all the time so she better damn right look amazing five months after pissing out a human being. Jessica, on the other hand, has never laid a single claim to being a model (hence her “singing” career”) so its cool if her body takes some time to get rid of the left overs. Hey, its been wanting this for so long and now that its actually achieved said goal her body is figuring things out along the way. Every woman’s’ body reacts differently to pregnancy, did you know that? or were the pee pee and vagina pictures too distracting for you in class? Jessica had a baby..what’s your excuse? (missed a few crumbs there on your keg)

    I get it write these posts for laughs, but in this case Im laughing at you, not the post. Its very funny to be stupid, for the right reasons.

    This sites awesome though!!!!

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