Justin Timberlake sang to Jessica Biel at their wedding

By brendon October 22, 2012 @ 6:05 PM


As you probably know by now, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake got married on Friday at the Borgo Egnazia resort in southern Italy, and Justin Timberlake is a little douche. Us.com has updates on both.

At one point, the former boy bander served as his own wedding singer: “Justin performed one song at the wedding,” the source reveals. “It’s a new one that he hasn’t released yet. He dedicated it to Jessica.”

Oohh, how sexy. Her panties must have been drenched to have this castrato singing at her while looking into her eyes and reaching his hand out. It’s her wedding night, and her husband sounds like he’s been chemically sterilized. How romantic!

(image source of jessica in puglia, italy, today = inf)

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    aquanetta jones 10/22/2012 18:17

    I have nothing better than castrato…you win this round…..evil bastardo

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    Mando 10/22/2012 20:21


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    Thissiteiswack 10/22/2012 22:04

    He can sing, dance, makes a ton of dough and bangs Jessica Biel. Kind of gay to bash the guy even if he looks like a d-bag.

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    Tipped 10/23/2012 15:00

    He can’t sing and he can’t dance…let’s bash the guy!!

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    TheMoose 10/23/2012 18:19

    This chicks mouth makes me want to shove things into it.

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