Brad Pitt has been giving away lots of money again

By brendon November 27, 2012 @ 4:02 PM


Brad Pitt was in England last week doing re-shoots for ‘World War Z’ when a collection was taken for the Southampton General Hospital’s neonatal unit. So Pitt took out his wallet and gave them everything he had, which was $1100 (note to self: find brad pitt, push him down, then take his wallet stuffed with money).

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 11/27/2012 18:05

    Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are the two best human beings in Hollywood.

    Of course that’s like saying Mikey and Red are the two best crabs in Lindsey Lohan’s muff, but they deserve credit for not being as useless as the rest of the Hollywood douchebags.

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    MickeyBrownEyes 11/27/2012 18:44

    When actors work on location (such as Merry Olde England) they are given ‘per diem’ (yes even though they don’t need it). The whole crew gets it, but the higher up you are the more you get. An actor gets a couple hundred dollars per day, paid to them in cash. Often times they give this away to Production Assistants, put it in the on-set lottery, or in this case, drop it on a good cause. No, Mr. Pitt does not carry wads of cash around like some rapper. He was simply caught after being paid his per diem.

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    sirlongfarts 11/28/2012 02:40

    He is cool…not aging like a fine wine though…

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