Britney or Russell: Who Wore It Better?

By brendon January 25, 2013 @ 2:29 PM


Britney Spears went on twitter to point out that Russell Crowe was basically wearing the same thing in the opening scene of ‘Les Miserables’ as she was in her video for ‘Toxic’, except that he buttoned his coat.

LOL. Cute hat @RussellCrowe. You wear it well. Maybe we should perform a Toxic/Work Song mashup ;)

Assuming this was a snide way of calling him a homosexual, Crowe found her and hit her in the head several times with his shoe. Russell Crowe takes twitter very very seriously.

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    Admiral 01/25/2013 15:34

    I have to give her a point for this one. She’s got balls. I would NOT fuck with Crowe, even to compliment him. That dude’s a maniac.

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    dannylau 01/25/2013 15:44

    I thought they were both dressed as thunderbirds characters

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