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By brendon January 18, 2013 @ 8:24 PM


ALICIA KEYS – will sing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans on February 3rd. Or 4th, or 5th, or whenever it is that Saints fans run out of beer bottles to throw at Roger Goodell and they can start the game. (e!)

AMERICAN IDOL – returned Wednesday and had it’s lowest ratings ever for a season premiere, down 19 percent from last year, which itself was down 24 percent from the year before. Fox has had no comment so far, but one theory is that the show is pointless and terrible. (cnn)

MICHAEL J. FOX – would not be happy if his son ever ended up dating Taylor Swift because she “writes songs about everybody she goes out with.” She also has a pointy nose like a little rat if that helps his cause any. (vulture)

KATY PERRY – will join Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Usher, Brad Paisley, Chris Cornell,, John Legend, Ke$ha, and dozens more to perform at multiple parties for President Obama’s inauguration on Monday, an event which will cost taxpayers around $115 million for a fake ceremony because he’ll actually be sworn in, privately, the day before. It’s part of a traditional bi-partisan policy called, “We’re Broke Because We Spend Your Tax Money On Ourselves And Other Stupid Shit So Then We Take More Because You Can Go Fuck Yourself”. (huff post)

ZOMBIELAND – might finally become a TV show, which was actually the idea from the very beginning before it became a movie. The show will still revolve around the 4 main characters from the movie, and whether or not they can escape from a brain dead slug that takes 30 minutes to cross the street. (io9)

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    jsundjx 01/18/2013 22:18

    Yeah this is why a blog about celebrity tits shouldn’t bother weighing in about politics. You say that Katy Perry and the rest will be playing for pointless-fake-swearing in parties that will cost the taxpayers $115 million, but the very source that you link fucking explains that’s not the case. All of the parties are paid for private donors and corporate sponsors. So…zero tax payer money is being used for those concerts. The fractions of a fucking penny that comes out of taxpayer wallets is the security and clean up for the actual inauguration, not the top 40 cluster fuck “fake ceremony” that you’re talking about. The parties, like the free one for active duty and reserve service members, Medal of Honor recipients and wounded warriors, is paid for by donations.

    This is why you don’t go to a fucking celebrity blogger for political commentary.

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    Admiral 01/18/2013 23:44

    How quickly you forget that Obama spent a trillion dollars of tax payer money on union bribes. So shove it up your ass, jsundjx.

  3. avatar
    jsundjx 01/18/2013 23:59

    Yeah this is what happens when people get called out on bullshit. They bring up something totally different. Some more bullshit.

  4. avatar
    DuhDale 01/19/2013 00:07

    Whoever is writing this stuff – good job. You crack me up and your view on the government’s waste of my tax dollars is spot on. Keep up the good work.

  5. avatar
    DuhDale 01/19/2013 00:13

    PS: Those “…fractions of a fucking penny…” – they add up quick when you’re spending trillions without regard for me. I’d like my fractions back please.

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    DuhDale 01/19/2013 00:17

    PPS: Yep, I is drunk commentin’, but regardless, whoever is writing this blog – you are a very good writer – very clever, very funny. You’re the one I’m suggesting to keep up the good work. Screw these other lame ass commenters. Where’s their blog? Yep, that’s what I thought…

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    jsundjx 01/19/2013 00:53

    Yo duhdale, you’re right. Fractions of a penny do add up, and if you have an issue with 0.00025% of your taxes going towards paying the police and clean up teams required for a public inauguration ceremony, you have every fucking right to complain about that.

    Every four to eight years in this country we have a peaceful fucking transition of power, and if you don’t think making that something that the public can witness and be a part of, then you could save almost a dollar a year. It’s your dollar, you can protest how it’s being used.

    What you can’t (or really shouldn’t) do, is bitch about your tax money being spent on things that your tax money isn’t being spent on. How many TD readers just “learned” that their tax money was going to pay for a fucking Usher concert and got pissed? Especially after finding out that it’s not even the real ceremony??

    Like there’s not enough real shit in the world to get pissed about, we have to spread misinformation and bitch about that.

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    Geor 01/19/2013 01:05

    I just want to see Mariah’s milk sacs.

    But fuck Obama, too.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 01/19/2013 13:23

    Jsun, you’re too fucking stupid to breathe. and Media Matters show the cost to the taxpayers is 115 million. The cost of the party itself is covered by the Obama campaign (somewhere in the 40-50 million range).

    I love it when retarded Liberals decide to lecture people about shit they’re too stupid to understand.

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    God Hath Spoken 01/19/2013 14:05

    Even if those costs are picked up by outside sources, that sure leaves a lot of favors to repay. I’m betting 10 fold wouldn’t touch it.

  11. avatar
    jsundjx 01/19/2013 14:25

    Mildly Tanned– no shit you fucktard. $115 million is the public inauguration, which pays for security and clean up and shit. Every event in the inauguration, other than the swearing in ceremony, is not paid for by taxpayers. And if you fucking sit there and cry about this 0.00025% of the yearly budget, then you’re part of the problem. The bitch problem.

  12. avatar
    Slap and Tickle 01/19/2013 17:33

    Money is an illusion.

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    Raymond K. Hessel 01/21/2013 09:52

    So, jsun says to not come to a celebrity blog for political discussion, then comes to a celebrity blog and discusses politics. Fuck off and get back over to huffpo…..

  14. avatar
    Raymond K. Hessel 01/21/2013 09:55

    And you can smell the socialist liberal all over him, because not only does he spout random “facts”, he does it with name calling that only a liberal can pull off. When you can’t disprove, insult.

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    RangerLG 01/21/2013 10:00

    I’d pay $115 Mil to see Katy Perry’s tits. MORE TITS PLEASE!

  16. avatar
    sis2catbat 01/22/2013 15:53

    You’re an idiot, Brandon.

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