Genevieve Morton is highly, highly underated

By brendon February 15, 2013 @ 4:42 PM


It’s an undisputed fact that short girls are better than tall girls and girls with big tits are better than everything, but Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton is just as hot as Kate Upton, has even bigger tits, AND is South African meaning she has that sexy accent, yet somehow isn’t hugely famous.

It’s the weirdest thing and I don’t understand it all. It would be like living in a world where Superman was real, and no one had ever head of him.

(image source of genevieve in new york = inf, of genevieve with kate bock and emily didonato last night in vegas = wenn, getty)

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    NautiusMaximus08 02/15/2013 17:43

    I think I have to call bullshit on the tits thing….

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    LoK 02/15/2013 17:46

    looks like Leelee Sobieski with a rack and a better body…comparison to Kate is unfounded

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    MacDaddy 02/15/2013 18:25

    Not as hot as My Kate…..she next post!

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/18/2013 02:20

    Mediocre chick with implants. Kate wins 10-0 and aim not even that big of an Upton fan.

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    wayne44870 02/21/2013 17:29

    I’d have to give the edge to Kate, mostly because she seems a lil more slutty!

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