Kate Upton Doesn’t Need No Airbrushing

By Ellis Red February 26, 2013 @ 5:08 PM

I’m not sure when somebody somewhere decided that the occasional airbrush shave of the waistline on a sexy celebrity should turn into a full-on Photoshopping of their entire face and body to create a glossy printed female mannequin. I guess it’s just the natural course of technology and its endless march to destroy all that is natural and holy (and thank god for 98% of that).

What magazines likes Sports Illustrated do to the chicks on their pages now makes you wonder how far off we are from simply virtual models appearing in print. Such a waste too when you have a woman designed by god to turn on every single man on this planet and ensure the continuation of the species. Kate UptonĀ doesn’t need no airbrushing.

Check her out on Fallon last night…

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    RangerLG 02/26/2013 17:11

    That’s some freaky teeth in pic one. Still, I would airbrush her face with my load.

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    LoK 02/26/2013 17:11

    though that is a good idea, kate upton in zero g.

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    Doo Doo Fresh 02/26/2013 17:12

    I heard Kate did a sex tape with Ray J that she’s trying to keep from the public eye.

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    thejyav 02/26/2013 17:13

    Ok…now I’m confused…First we are led to believe the site would be assholes with no grasp of grammar being dicks who think they are funny. Now…it’s videos and pictures accompanied by text that is neither funny nor insightful?

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    SpaceMonkey 02/26/2013 17:36

    Doesn’t need no? You guys are just doing this on purpose now right? I mean, honestly, the people paid to write this blog now can’t be this retarded?

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    styckx 02/26/2013 17:37

    You know shit is bad when TMZ articles have a better chance of making you laugh then the shit the mongoloids here coming up with.

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    tomatojoe 02/26/2013 17:44

    Weak, but still better than anything Bill has yet to produce. I’d like to think that Bill tries to stifle his laughter as he is writing his, in what must be his opinion, “hilariously sarcastic posts.”

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 02/26/2013 17:44

    Enjoy her while you can…..she’s 20 and at the top of her dream career and still working hard to keep the weight off. By the time she hits 30 she’ll be Anna Nicole Smith.

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    bored12 02/26/2013 18:01

    Its official. WWTDD is now your source for amateurishly written celebrity gossip. Complete with poorly thought out posts chocked full of run-on sentences glued together by commas. I for one am not really interested in reading a blog written by individuals who couldn’t even get their high school diploma. However I have a feeling that they are actually still attending high school. None of these articles are funny. I made C’s in English in College and never complain at grammar mistakes. However the grammar in these articles is so bad I can’t understand half of them. Buzzmedia do something, these guys aren’t cutting it.

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    Shank Peters 02/26/2013 18:03

    It’s like Las Vegas if Ned Flanders ran it….

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    gkline 02/26/2013 18:42

    How am I supposed to jerk off if you keep rambling on and don’t post any tits?

  12. avatar
    Pottz 02/26/2013 19:02

    Jesus, Who lit the douchbag bomb up in here? You new guys suck.

  13. avatar
    EeetaDick 02/26/2013 19:04

    I registered just to tell these scab fuck writers that they suck.
    Fuck you very much.

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    Blee 02/26/2013 19:08

    Ya this blog sucks now without Brendon. I used to read every word. Now I’m just scrolling. It is ok with me though that the last post I ever read on here is about Kate Upton.

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    j-mac 02/26/2013 19:24

    Quite obvious that WWTDD is paying for comments

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    Wow 02/26/2013 19:48

    Haha, wow, when did Gawker start writing this site?

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    PunkA 02/26/2013 19:49

    Perfect woman from the neck down. But her hair does look like a nice place to drop a load.

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    hereforthecomments 02/26/2013 19:55

    Like many here, I’ve been quietly following this site for years. Lots of years. I’ve been angry at Brendon for not posting enough in the past. I’ve also been pissed at him when he goes DAYS without an update. But never have I felt so ashamed to actually visit this site.

    I don’t understand how you can fuck up every post! I mean NOT ONE POST so far has the edge and spirit of wwtdd. It is now more interesting to read the comments then it is to read the actual articles.

    Don’t worry, I’ve got some specifics for you to mull over:

    For starters, if you are going to speak English no good, the correct title should read “Kate Upton don’t need no airbrushing.”

    And in a day where Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer tries some half witted moves in court to get his client off, you don’t even mention it! Say what you will about Brendon’s obsession with her, his articles on Lindsay Lohan (and Chris Brown for that matter *also in the news today) were some of the best pieces of journalism and comedy combined.

    - How can you have a photospread of JWow’s side boob and never once mention the INCREDIBLY HUGE SCAR THAT RUNS ACROSS IT?

    Your articles SUCK. There is no comedy. You don’t have an interesting take on any of your articles. It’s pay-by-the-word stream of verbal diarrhea that says NOTHING.

    You reek of desperation. (*See your post on asking the readers to start writing the articles)

    Your photo spreads are way too tame for this site.

    You no use good English when you are trying to and your street jargon is too proper when you try to flip it.

    I will be killing this link on all my bookmarks and favorites because the last thing I want to do now is make you money with page views on your 7-Eleven advertising.

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    Habitual Line Stepper 02/26/2013 19:56

    That girl has the whitest teeth I ever came across.

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 02/26/2013 20:36

    Enjoy them now! Those tits are sinking to her waistline by a quarter of an inch a year.

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