Halle Berry Boobs Never Age

By Lex March 27, 2013 @ 12:18 PM

Halle Berry doesn’t have real tits, but she has spectacular tits, which is more important than real. What truly is real in this world? Organic food? It’s grown with shit, literally. Reality TV is entirely fake. The last bout of ‘real love’ I experienced ended in her sleeping with my favorite bartender (the worst, because you can always find a new girl, but finding a new favorite bartender is a pain in the ass). There is no real. Just good and bad. And Halle Berry has good.

Photo credit: FameFlyNet / Splash News

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    Timartoonies 03/27/2013 12:55

    After visiting this site daily for years I finally registered so I could post my one-and-only comment-ever: This site is a glaring example of where we all are headed…straight to a world where you cannot ever avoid having corporate dogshit thrown in your face everytime you click by. All of a sudden almost every post has a video clip? Gee, why is that? Maybe because WWTDD can force a commercial down your throat. I don’t lament the loss of superior writing although that is obvious when you read one post after another desperately trying to sound like the way it used to be. What I mourn is another site swallowed whole by greedy corporate bastards and their hip/clever minions. So long suckers

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    Shortshanks 03/27/2013 14:20

    Timartoonies may be correct……

    ….but those are nice tits up there…..

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    ricb0ni 03/27/2013 17:38

    Would love to motorboat that broad, brrrrrrrbrrrrrrbrrrrr

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 03/27/2013 20:19

    I thought her tits were real. They hang nicely in swordfish and monsters ball.

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