Katie Price Is a Bangable Pink Furry

March 27, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Katie Price dressed up as a pony for the launch of her KP Equestrian wear. I guess the product name Attention Whore Katie Price Crappy Horse Clothes didn’t make it out of consumer testing. Either way, I don’t know how Katie dressing up like a retarded pink filly will help sell her regal sports clothes. I guess there are some women out there who will buy whatever Katie hocks. Just like when Kim Kardashian pimps a douche on Twitter, there are 117,000 women out there who run to the CVS to purchase the same douche because something in their brain tells them they want a love hole that smells like Kim Kardashian’s. Nobody can think that one through rationally and still decide to buy. Still, I guess some ladies will subconsciously connect, ‘Jeez, Katie Price used to screw that hot Latin male model. I bet if I wear her Attention Whore Crappy Horse Clothes, I too will have sex with Latin male models.’ I just don’t get it. I see Katie Price dressed like a pink horse and all I feel is the shame of a lonely horse wrangler out on the prairie knowing what’s going down after the campfire dies out. Whinny my name, Katie.

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