Paris Hilton Swatted (And Not For Cash This Time)

By Lex March 27, 2013 @ 1:15 PM

Paris Hilton is the latest victim in one of the stupidest practical jokes going on in Hollywood — swatting. Some tool cals the cops and says somebody is breaking into a celebrity home and they send the SWAT team out in choppers and fighter jets to contain the situation. I guess it’s sort of kind of funny except that the celebrity is never really home and the cops are the ones who get pranked and waste their time while Paris just goes on snorting lines at a D.J. show in Miami completely unaware. So perhaps the most poorly conceived practical joke ever. Wake me when a prank results in an assault rifle being put to Paris’ lazy eye. That’d be funny.

Here’s one of Paris’ incredibly crappy music videos, in case you ever start feeling bad for thinking mean thoughts about her.

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    RangerLG 03/27/2013 13:37

    “Some tool cals the cops”

    Proofreading FTW! Also, I wish they would have hauled her worthless bony ass away.

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    Lindsay 03/27/2013 13:45

    Lex, you’re not even trying anymore.

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    I Blogged Your Mom 03/27/2013 14:00

    All my comments have been deleted today. Will this one make it?

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    I Blogged Your Mom 03/27/2013 14:00

    All my com men ts have been de let ed today. Will this one make it?

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    Bruiser 03/27/2013 14:03

    This site has blocked every comment I’ve made today from my other email address.

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    Shortshanks 03/27/2013 14:31

    The way to make this all worthwhile would be to show Selena Gomez’ tits…..

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    0898 03/27/2013 14:34

    What happened to this site? It’s gone from my happy place that made me laugh out loud whenever I came here to a derpy wasteland that comedy forget. Please, I beg you, site owners – bring back Brendon.

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