Selena Kind Of Dissed Justin On Letterman Last Night

By Steve G. March 19, 2013 @ 12:07 PM

Selena Gomez was on Letterman last night. The conversation inevitably turned to her relationship with Justin Bieber. That’s where she released the Latin heat she’s been hiding all this time.

“No I’m single,” said Gomez. “I’m so good.”

As the crowd applauded the 20-year-old “Spring Breakers” star, the host continued with a recount of the last time Bieber was on his show.

“He said something, and I said something, and I made him cry.”” said Letterman.

Gomez laughed before saying, “well then, that makes two of us.”

After hearing this, Bieber leaped off his highchair and grabbed several crisp 100 dollar bills to wipe away his tears. He then grabbed his binky and his keys, and hopped into one of his 500,000 dollar cars and rode off to one of his three mansions to be alone with his thoughts. He must be so bummed, how will he ever find solace?

You don’t have to like the guy, but he’s worth about 19 times more than Gomez and that’s where true happiness comes from. Expensive things. I’d give anything to get paid what he does to be an untalented asshole. Hell, I pretty much do it for free here everyday. But first point to Selena  I guess.

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    Maybe_Observer 03/19/2013 12:18

    Bieber’s dick inside Selena’s pussy is what makes ME cry…..

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    RangerLG 03/19/2013 13:18

    I’m still not convinced he ever saw the inside of her pussy. I’m sure Selena was the beard and strapped it on him/her.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 03/19/2013 16:27

    I get all the Bieber-hate out there, but the sad fact is, he got there first (or at least close to the top of the list), and has moved on to something hotter.

    The world simply isn’t fair…..

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    zionium 03/19/2013 16:39


    Whoever you are, just stop. Stop putting rich people on a pedestal and making us read about it. You take (debatably) the hottest 20-year-old everyone has heard of and (debatably) the most hated dude on earth at the moment. Then, you glorify him and give her shit? Because of his money? What?

    Here’s a message guys don’t like. “This person you hate has more money than you, so you have to respect him.”

    Here’s a message guys love. “The chick you envy is owning that dude you hate. Period.”

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    You literally (as in, you did this) glorified Chelsea Clinton and Justin Bieber, and then ragged on Selena Gomez.

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

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    DrPepperMD 03/19/2013 23:27

    WTF happened to this site? That’s two separate posts today about how awesome Justin Bieber is, plus talking about how much you love Jennifer Love Hewitt. This Jennifer Love Hewitt. . You must really enjoy taking their publicist’s cocks in your mouths.

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    dag696 03/20/2013 00:51

    thank you zionium!! i wanted to say exactly what you said. this little beiber loving queer doesnt get it. this whole crew of talentless ass lickers dont get it. brendon GOT IT!! he was on our side, was funny, and totally ragged on these celebtards. well i tried to give wwtdd a chance but fuck it, i’m out. go blow justin some more steve g. you guys suck.

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