Amy Markham Knows Her Bikini Is Too Small

Amy Markham Nip Slip Bikini Laguna Beach Girls don't spend eleven hundred hours to find the perfect bikini not to know it's too small for their stacked bodies. Especially a professional model like Amy Markham who knows she's likely being photographed. Not that there's anything wrong with showing off your tits as much as the law will allow. If I had a nice pair, I'd flash those fluffy fuckers everywhere I went. I wouldn't let my guy friends touch them, cause that'd be gay, but I'd be in undersized tube tops at ballgames just the same.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin [gallery ids="1285432,1285442,1285452,1285462,1285472,1285482,1285492,1285502,1285512,1285522,1285532"]

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