Courtney Stodden Ruined Easter (VIDEO)

April 2, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

You’d think that an 18-year old girl with giant fake breasts and bleached-blonde hair would be considered a true American hero and national treasure, but Courtney Stodden has done her best to make sure that she’s the glaring exception. Maybe it’s because she married a guy who is old enough to be her dad or mom’s porn co-star or maybe it’s because she doesn’t have any talent or charm to go along with her massive fake breasts, but either way, most people seem to hate Courtney.

She didn’t help her cause any over the weekend, as the self-proclaimed “reality TV personality posted yet another video message for her fans, creepily wishing everyone a happy Easter. Although, she was a bit more conservative than usual, as Courtney only nibbled on some baby carrots. Whatever, I’m sure she’ll make up for it by giving birth to a watermelon in a heartfelt Mother’s Day video.

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