Jessica Lowndes Who Dat Bikini

By Lex April 05, 2013 @ 12:26 PM

Jessica Lowndes Bikini Poolside Miami

You’ve probably not seen that rebooted 90210 TV show. Unless you fall into the category of being pussy whipped or like staring at dudes with their shirts off or you’re like my cousin Cooper who lies to his wife about hanging out at Navy bars despite never serving in the military, both. But then you don’t get to see a whole bunch of good looking girls who fill the casts of pretty much every shitty CW show. Girls like Jessica Lowndes who is probably mostly known only to teen girls and my down low cousin. But she looks really good in a bikini. That’s enough to get you in front of a casting director. If you take it off, it’s enough to get you to the next round.

Photo Credit: PCN, FameFlynet

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    woody 04/05/2013 15:34

    These girls are almost as hot as any teenager hanging out at the mall. If there was a WE TOOK A COOL WEBSITE AND RUINED IT award you would all win. Congrats

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