Most Psychics Are Sweet Liars, Why Is Sylvia Browne Such a Piece of Shit Liar?

May 8, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I can only feel so bad for people who believe in psychics. I believe in a higher power and some elements of the inexplicable supernatural related thereto, but I do not believe that fat women with bad teeth and stupid glasses are granted special insight into the unknown. Most of these hucksters are relatively harmless grifters who take money from stupid people. But not Sylvia Browne. She’s the psychic famous for telling people their missing kids are dead. I’m not sure why she does this. Maybe she just really believes in her own idiotic visions. Or maybe she’s just a true shitbag. But she told the mother of the missing Cleveland girl, Amanda Berry, about a year after she went missing, that her daughter was dead and gone. A year later, Amanda’s mom died of a broken heart. Literally. Her heart just stopped. Amanda Berry was found alive and not so well, but more than alive in Cleveland this week. If you’re going to get paid to make shit up, just tell the damn grief-stricken family members that they’re kids are alive and well and just can’t get to them right now. Give a little false hope. It costs you nothing. Make that your job and then nobody will care that you’re a con-artist with the hands of a reptile super villain.

I’m not seeing anything… oh, wait, something’s coming through… yes, yes, there it is, it’s Sylvia Browne falling into a Jimmy Dean factory meat grinder. 

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