Pat Robertson Tells Woman To STFU About Her Cheating Husband (VIDEO)

May 16, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I guess this is supposed to be creating shocking waves of resentment among the liberated minds around the nation. Pat Robertson essentially telling a caller that she needs to stop whining about her husband cheating a couple times here and there and focus on the good stuff. Like, does he pay the rent and take the kids to Little League and not hit the sauce and beat you. Because men have a tendency to wander every now and then so deal with it. I wanted to get outraged. And Pat Robertson is really a total tool.. But he’s also… right. Clearly, he’s right. Most married men cheat and the others are just fucking lazy. If you can keep your man to a couple one-night wick dips every decade or so, and he’s an otherwise good man, then, yeah, he is a good man.  And that part Pat says about women keeping a happy enticing home is also right. Men who are getting loved up at home are less likely to go full ditch. Just a fact. Hating a fact doesn’t make it go away. The good news for women who find this all disappointing and not at all like a Disney cartoon is that you no longer have to get married. For most of history, you had to. Now, it’s a total choice. You want loyalty? Get a cat and a vibrator, which is a joke if you know anything about cats.

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