Farrah Abraham Flashes Panties

By Lex June 14, 2013 @ 12:10 PM

Farrah Abraham Wardrobe Malfuction Upskirt At Metropolis Nights Cover Celebration In New Jersey
Farrah Abraham does not want notoriety. Can she be any clearer about this? She does not want attention from any of her personal appearances, promotional events, or staged publicity moments. You can say she does, but that’s just you saying it. She’s not listening. She knows what she knows. You are wrong. She is right. Do not look behind the curtain!

Here’s Farrah Abraham showing off her panties at a magazine cover party in New Jersey. She’s not really there and her P.R. team didn’t really invite the media to attend and that’s not her underwear you’re seeing.

Photo Credit: INF

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