Farrah Abraham Got New Hooters, Again

By Lex June 13, 2013 @ 12:48 PM

Farrah Abraham In A Bikini At The Beach In Los Angeles
For a girl who just made a mint on her backdoor being invaded, Farrah Abraham seems pretty committed to gussying up her front porch. The world’s most famous rectally permissive mom got herself a second boob job, upsizing from C’s to D’s. Instead of saline her implants are now filled entirely with the jizz of men who bought her porn tape. It’s a promotional gambit. At least when they leak she can skip the cancer fears and move right onto smacking her lips and moaning in a low plaintive wail.

Here’s a bunch of bikini pictures featuring Farrah’s old tits.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    WowJustWow 06/13/2013 14:24

    “Made a mint” was just a story her agent made up for attention. James Dean publicly complained that Vivid told him she was on the pill. So if Vivid made the porn…why would they need to bid on it? She got paid the standard porn paycheck which probably just covered the cost of her new boobs… which clearly was not enough for a nose job

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    Shortshanks 06/13/2013 15:52

    I’ve never been one to condemn efforts at self-improvement….

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    RangerLG 06/13/2013 16:30

    Did she get a new forehead?

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    B A Baracus 06/13/2013 17:58

    RLG, Rihanna is donating some of her fivehead so Farrah can have a forehead.

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