Kate Gosselin Makes Racist Face On Twitter

June 25, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Kate Gosselin continued to prove to the world just what a sack of shit she is in a ‘slant eye’ selfie that’s surfaced on Twitter. The former reality star is wearing a plastic “geisha” headpiece in the picture and decided to finish off the look by pulling her eyes back into slits. Even though her litter of kids is half Korean, you are forgetting how completely shitty and lacking in self-reflection this breeding cow is. Yeah, she’s probably really making fun of her ex, Jon Gosselin. And I’m all for that. That guy sucks possibly as much as her. Recently, Ed Hardy blamed this toolbag for permanently tainting his brand with the smell of loser by wearing Hardy’s hideous flaming skull shirts on the show. Jon and Kate will probably never go away for good. At least until their precocious kids all get together and figure out how to make their embarrassing parents disappear.

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