Maitland Ward In A Bikini Playing With A Hula Hoop

Maitland Ward In A Bikini Playing With A Hoola Hoop On The Beach In Los Angeles Sometimes I wonder if girls on fairly innocent teen TV shows know that a million and one men out there are secretly tugging their dongs to them. But then I realize I'm thinking about a million and one men's dongs and I start thinking about the NBA and how much I like girls just to get my compass straight. I knew a girl who worked on one of those TV shows once. She tried to hand me a fan letter she got but I refused to touch it. Because when not thinking about sports and girls, I thought about who was touching it before it went into the mailbox.

Here's Maitland Ward from Boy Meets World spinning in a hula hoop. In a more perfect world, girls with big tits would be legally mandated to hula hoop in public.

Photo Credit: Splash, WENN [gallery ids="1426872,1426882,1426892,1426902,1426912,1426922,1426932,1426942,1426952,1426962,1426972"]

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