Emma Roberts Beat Up Her Effeminate Boyfriend

By Lex July 17, 2013 @ 1:06 PM

The first thing you notice when you meet almost any Hollywood actor is just how tiny they are compared to how you imagined. Ninety-percent of actors come out at about 5’7 to 5’9 and about 140 lbs. It’s then you realize you could kick your favorite TV actor’s ass pretty easily. And so could Emma Roberts, who punched the snot out of her actor boyfriend Evan Peters in a Montreal hotel room last week, before the Mounties came and arrested her for domestic violence. Being French minded, Montreal P.D. always assume that the men in relationships are working from a position of weakness, hence, cuffing the petite Emma at the scene of the altercation. Granted, she is Eric Roberts’ daughter, so she was probably two, maybe three moves away from a crazy kill strike and writing the words ‘Set Me Free!’ in her boyfriend’s blood on the hotel room walls. Still, she’s pretty fucking tiny. For his part, Evan Peters refused to press charges because that would just be fuckingĀ embarrassing.

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    Admiral 07/17/2013 13:41

    She’s pretty. She should do porn.

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    teutonic 07/17/2013 14:34

    Daughter of Eric Roberts… and he didn’t see that coming?
    The crazy doesn’t get much more old school than that.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 07/17/2013 14:56

    She’s tiny and crazy (and a bit violent), but she’s cute and rich (not to mention she probably bangs like a wild woman). I’d do her every day of the week, then twice on Sunday (then spend the next three days recovering from my injuries).

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    Hugh G. Rection 07/17/2013 16:21

    When I was living in LA back in the late ’80s, I was accosted by this tiny little guy with a sh*t eating grin. I mindlessly answered his question and I remember thinking to myself very specifically, “Self, that guy was super tiny and he had a super big sh*t eating grin.” Then I went back to what I was doing.

    30 seconds later I heard my co-worker shrieking that TOM CRUISE WAS IN THE OFFICE!!!

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    Kristina 07/17/2013 17:11

    I don’t get what a guy should do to not be considered a pussy in this situation. Most sites I’ve seen this story on have made fun of this guy for getting bloodied by a little girl. Would it have been smart for him to hit back so when the cops got there, they walk in and see a tiny chick with bruises next to her much bigger boyfriend who has been bitten? What’s he supposed to do?

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    miche the killer 07/18/2013 00:17

    He was SUPPOSED to kill her and stash her in the trunk with all his coke & guns & other stripper corpses, but then he remembered he’s an twink actor, not in the NFL.

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    rdd 07/18/2013 20:18

    Let’s see, he fights back and then HE’S the bad guy. Good move by not beating the hell out of her.

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