Nicky Hilton In A Bikini

By Lex July 19, 2013 @ 2:04 PM

NikkY Hilton Relaxing In A Bikini At The Beach In Malibu
If Paris Hilton didn’t do all the stupid wretched party girl shit she does, she’d just be her sister, Nicky. Boring as fuck. Two working eyes, but still unable to see her own boringness. Paris is filming her reality show so she needed Nicky to come by in her bikini. I think they shot Nicky up with a tranquilizer and moved her onto a beach chair for filming. Not super legal. Though it will end up being the most interesting thing Nicky has done in over eleven years.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    knox 07/19/2013 14:15

    Why is this posted? There was nothing funny or interesting.

    I am about to lose hope. Lex is awful. He is Friedberg and Seltzer. Worse than Hitler, at least Hitler could hold your attention. He loses me on the jew thing, but I’m okay with the gypsies going down. Goddamn pickpockets and hustlers.

    I used to love this site, you have to be morons for firing Brendan.

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