Pat Robertson Wants to Puke When Gay Men Kiss (VIDEO)

By Lex July 10, 2013 @ 4:49 PM

I’ll say this for Pat Robertson, he always seems really happy about some of the shit he spouts. He just drops little nuggets on the 700 Club like seeing pictures of two dudes kissing on Facebook make him want to hit the ‘vomit button’ and it’s like he’s telling a knee-slapper at a cocktail party. There’s no white hood or angry scowls or fist pounding or hateful words. Just, dudes kissing makes him vomit. Heartfelt laughter. The end. He’s kind of genius in his prejudice. Personally, I don’t like seeing anybody kiss on Facebook. Or anywhere else. I hate happiness and joy. A ‘Fuck you, you attention starved oversharing bastard’ button on Facebook would be nice.

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    BakeBrains 07/10/2013 18:41

    Maybe he should just stop searching out pictures of gay men kissing.

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    Admiral 07/10/2013 21:29

    A guy doesn’t like to watch men kiss and suddenly he’s Hitler. Gimme a break with this politically-correct bullshit. I suppose it’s only a matter before you’re demonized and harassed if you don’t like watching a man take a dick up the ass.

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    LordZimZim 07/11/2013 04:27

    Has this website been bought by a raging faggot or is there some secret rule that every celebrity pics website HAS to be run by faggots, or why are you slobbering over degenerates like that? The old guy is right, fags are vomit inducing, not sure what’s so controversial about that video

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    LordZimZim 07/11/2013 04:27

    @BakeBrains As if there isn’t faggotry shoved in your face wherever you look and whatever medium you’re using

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    LoK 07/11/2013 10:37

    I wanna see Emma Watson and Jessica Lucas make out

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    stinkfinger 07/11/2013 18:07

    Pat Robertson doesn’t deserve to be hated for bashing something as wrong as faggotry

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