Rihanna Staggers Drunk at Polish Concert (VIDEO)

By Lex July 09, 2013 @ 1:21 PM

Video credit: Pudelek.pl

I was going to rip on Rihanna for being fall down fucked up at a concert in Poland, then I realized it was a Kings of Leon show, in Poland. You’re not attending that event anywhere close to sober. Free pass today, Rihanna.

Here’s Rihanna the next day in her bikini at a Polish beach. She cleans up well.

Photo Credit: PCN, INF

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    snoodee 07/09/2013 13:38

    Really classy tattoos Rihanna. Not.

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    snoodee 07/09/2013 13:40

    Adding her to my gmail filter of annoying people that wwtdd posts about which I auto-delete (includes cyrus, abraham, lohan). Why is wwtdd obsessed with these fugly losers?

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    Beylerbey 07/09/2013 17:43

    If she were a cashier at Target, she’d be that sort of exotic cashier at Target. Notice I used the word exotic rather than hot.

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