Spy vs. Spy

Anna Chapman At Volvo Fashion Week In Moscow How sold out is this world getting? Even Russian spies are now Tweeting for attention. Anna Chapman wasn't much of a spy really. Like most Russian women who visit the West with some grand purpose, she ended up mostly going to parties and fucking handsome dudes who run nightclubs. She eventually got busted for being a super crappy foreign agent and sent back to Russia where she posed for Maxim. She's no Natasha Fatale.

Anna's now seizing the big Edward Snowden craze by proposing marriage to the dude stuck somewhere in a Moscow airport until he finds out which soccer powerhouse nation in the third world is going to take him in. Mostly this goes to show that old school Russian-American spy games are dead. No more poison ink pens and dead drops in Vienna train stations. Even terrorists are visiting Vegas and posting selfies on Instagram. The world needs better bad guys. The North Koreans just aren't going to cut it.

Photo Credit: WENN, Facebook

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