British People Get Naked to Save the Tigers

By Lex August 19, 2013 @ 1:34 PM

Streak For Tigers At The London Zoo
Pale people in England love to get naked for protests and charitable causes. Which is somewhat counterintuitive to how the rest of the world prefers to view British people. Undaunted, a bunch of them went streaking through the London Zoo either to support or protest the Sumatran tigers. Nobody really wanted to stop any of them to ask for fear of coming in contact with nude British dude shlong. The masks helped to protect their anonymity and also to allow all of us pretend the streaking British girls might be attractive.

Photo Credit:, Splash, WENN

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    snoodz 08/19/2013 13:44

    Normal people are gross. We should only have to look at supermodels and hot actresses or singers naked.

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    Hugh G. Rection 08/19/2013 14:00

    Wait a second. All English girls don’t look like Kelly Brook???

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    Shortshanks 08/19/2013 14:07

    Nice pelts down below……looks like alopecia……

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