Joanna Krupa In A Bikini

By Lex August 13, 2013 @ 5:15 PM

Joanna Krupa In A Gold Bikini Getting Out Of The Pool In Miami
Joanna Krupa really reaffirms the American dream for people around the world. The noble notion that even a simple girl from a humble Polish background, if she’s really fucking hot, can come to America, become a famous model, sleep with Joe Francis, deny that she’s a hooker, marry a guy who is a ‘nightclub investor’, and end up being one of the few Real Housewives not in jail or dead. If they get around to updating the motto on the Statue of Liberty, they ought to go with this story.

Photo Credit: PCN

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    658811 08/13/2013 19:37

    Are you seriously going to post bikini pictures, when she was running around topless?
    Maybe you should change to posting naked men, seems more in your wheelhouse.

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    amlodipine 08/14/2013 09:43

    I am becoming disappointed in this site for not posting more interesting pictures, stories, and videos.

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