Mortality Rate Continues to Climb for U.S. Reality Show Contestants

By Lex August 15, 2013 @ 3:53 PM

Being on a TV reality show is probably the most dangerous job in America. You have to look to swing shift street cops in Baghdad before you can begin to approximate the at-risk exposure in the normal conduct of your occupation. Gia Allemand┬ádoubled down by being on The Bachelor and dating an NBA basketball player. That led her to kill herself. Her family’s statement said she was battling inner demons. Which I suppose is more vaguely comforting than knowing that it was The Bachelor who took her.

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    teutonic 08/15/2013 17:08

    I’m pulling for Snookie next.

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    Admiral 08/15/2013 23:16

    Snookie will probably become a senator one day. Obama has already shown that Americans have no problem electing retards that can follow a script.

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