Mortality Rate Continues to Climb for U.S. Reality Show Contestants

By Lex August 15, 2013 @ 3:53 PM

Being on a TV reality show is probably the most dangerous job in America. You have to look to swing shift street cops in Baghdad before you can begin to approximate the at-risk exposure in the normal conduct of your occupation. Gia Allemand doubled down by being on The Bachelor and dating an NBA basketball player. That led her to kill herself. Her family’s statement said she was battling inner demons. Which I suppose is more vaguely comforting than knowing that it was The Bachelor who took her.


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  1. teutonic 08/15/2013 17:08

    I’m pulling for Snookie next.

  2. Admiral 08/15/2013 23:16

    Snookie will probably become a senator one day. Obama has already shown that Americans have no problem electing retards that can follow a script.

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