Sydney Leathers Might Have The AIDS

August 23, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Whenever anybody in the porn industry comes back positive for an STD, let alone HIV, the whole industry shuts down. It’s like airlines grounding all of their 737’s when one in service anywhere malfunctions. Because porn stars shoot so often and so prolifically these days, everybody literally fucks everybody so anyone virus positive could infect the entire community in a heartbeat, or cumshot. Porn star Cameron Bay got an initial positive on her last HIV test. It could be false positive, but it’s not the prelim result you hope for. Her last known porn shot was with Xander Corvus, who just happens to be the dude portraying Anthony Weiner in the Sydney Leathers just released sex tape. By rule of Eskimo sisters, and virology, it’s possible Sydney Leather might now have The AIDS. Probably not, but there’s a CSI bodily fluid trail that connects her. What this all means in the most immediate terms is that I will not be barebacking Sydney Leathers. I’m pretty sure you can get HIV through texting too, so I’m cutting that shit off too. Also, somewhere in the Anthony Weiner war room they’re contemplating another run in 2016 when Sydney might be unavailable to the media due to being dead.

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