Crazy Topless Feminist Also Hate Fashion

September 27, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Those crazy Ukranian chicks with tiny tits are back and running around some fashion show in Paris. You can always tell how legitimately angry women are by how unintelligible the scrawled messages on their body. The PETA girls write stuff like ‘Fur Kills’ or ‘Don’t Eat Fluffy’ or some other grade school level easy to read slogans. The college feminists have similarly inane but simplistic messages like ‘Daddy Never Loved Me’ inked on their angry scrawny udders. But these FEMEN crazies, they’re really committed. They write shit like ‘Models Don’t Go To Brothels’ and ‘Fashion Dicateror’ and the backward spelled names of dudes who made fun of their flat chests back in Ukranian high school. They look legitimately enraged. There is no known defense for a legitimately enraged topless woman. I’d run.

Photo Credit: Getty