Dina Lohan May Soon Be Homeless

September 21, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Useless sack of stage mom shit Dina Lohan may soon lose her home to foreclosure. It seems that Dina forgot to pay the mortgage on her Long Island house. She’s fallen behind on house payments before, maybe because she just sits on her ass fanning her chocha and living off her train wreck daughter. Lindsay bailed her out last year with the bank but Lindsay isn’t exactly rolling in dough right now. Dina may lose the house in just a couple of months unless she can pay back what she owes. One more arrest and her need for lodging will probably be fairly moot, still, count on her sickly attached daughters to come to her rescue once more. They love them their mommy. In a Manson family kind of way.

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