Sky Ferreira and Pretty Boyfriend In a Shitload of Trouble

September 20, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I don’t remember much about Sky Ferreira, except she had some weird kid singer relationship with Michael Jackson. Weird because she’s a girl I mean. Either way, every alumnus of Neverland Ranch eventually seems to find their way into hardcore drugs. Like Sky and her model boyfriend named Some Shmuck Who Models Short Waisted Coats I Couldn’t Give a Fuck About who both got busted headed up to the Catskills with a car full of heroin and ecstasy after doing their robotic paid duties at New York Fashion Week.

…police inspected the vehicle…they discovered 28-year-old Mr Smith, who was reportedly driving an unregistered Ford pickup truck with stolen plates without insurance or a license, had a ‘plastic bag containing 42 decks of heroin’, while Miss Ferreira ‘was found in possession of ecstasy and resisted arrest…

Way to go, models Bonnie and Clyde. I can’t begin to count the mistakes in that haute couture bender. Even celebrity justice might have trouble explaining away twenty-five grand worth of Schedule 1 substance in a truck with stolen plates. That’s pretty gangster. Though the idiot boyfriend model wants to make it clear this is all a police setup. So, junior F. Lee Bailey went onto Twitter:

Naturally, what with the upstate New York police well known history of framing wealthy white kids with felony drug arrests. Thankfully for this 20-something distant gazing tool, male models tend to do well in prison. Courteously always being bumped to the front of the rape line.

Photo Credit: AnOther Man Magazine

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