Playboy Playmate Colleen Shannon Arrested For Smuggling Canadian Douchebag

October 30, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Colleen Shannon was blessed with some killer looks and got herself some major league tits, but a Playboy Playmate and self-described ‘world’s hottest DJ’ does not a scholar make. So when she went to rendezvous in upstate New York with her Canadian drug convict boyfriend who had just crossed the border illegally through an Indian Reservation, she did so in a Bentley. That got her some attention. Now she’s getting four months in the pokey and a $50,000 fine for her efforts. I think the real lesson to be learned is don’t date Canadian. Nothing good comes across that border. We ought erect a great northern wall and stock it with the Night’s Watch. Meanwhile, loosen up the southern border. That brings us cheap weed and replenishment strippers. I don’t need Justin Bieber, what I need are more freeway off-ramps where I can purchase bags of naranjas.

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