Catarina Migliorini Selling Her Virginity, Again

By Lex November 26, 2013 @ 1:39 PM

Catarina Migliorini Poses In Bikini To Sell Her Virginity For The Second Time
I guess you can go home again. That Brazilian chick who auctioned off her virginity last year for $780K to a horny Japanese business man is selling it again. Catarina Migliorini claims that original deal was never consummated and her hymen remains more intact than a Japanese tsunami wall. Some people are skeptical of her cherry claim, but Catarina defends her purity like only a girl selling her vagina for money online really can:

“When I say I am a virgin it’s because there is no one in the world that can prove the contrary. I never had sexual relations of any type with anyone, not vaginal, not anal and not oral.”

Catarina sure sounds like a fun girl. There’s nothing like paying a cool half a mill to watch a girl cry and ask if it’s okay if she calls her mom before you ruin her. I can get that on my regular dates for twenty bucks. Catarina is pretty hot, but I’m prepared to call every single one of the six-figure bidders on her site bogus. Like most Brazilian sex workers, it’s time for Catarina to give up her dreams of the big stage and pray to Cristo Redento that Justin Bieber will splooge himself to a deep sleep in her brothel chambers.

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    MacDaddy 11/26/2013 13:52

    wow, Winnie Cooper is looking FINE!

  2. avatar
    B A Baracus 11/26/2013 14:40

    I’d hit it like a tree on Endor

  3. avatar
    Admiral 11/26/2013 15:35

    What a dirty whore.

  4. avatar
    Shastar 11/26/2013 15:41

    Vivid video: you’re willing to offer Rob Ford a million to have Brandy Aniston ride him, but you won’t pony up a mere $500k to pair this girl up with James Deen for her first time? Weird priorities, man, weird priorities…

  5. avatar
    Tylerdurden389 11/26/2013 15:54

    This article was posted on another site 2 weeks ago, and the first comment on that article summed it up perfectly:

    “3 reasons this story is bullshit:

    1. Brazilian
    2. Playboy
    3. Model”

  6. avatar
    Mud Nugget 11/26/2013 16:04

    Looks like she’s keeping her chin up

  7. avatar
    Maybe_Observer 11/26/2013 19:08

    How much for the ass-babies….??

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