Miley Cyrus is Missing Something

By Travis November 20, 2013 @ 12:00 PM

At some point after last night’s Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe Launch Party in Playa Vista, California, newly-single model Miranda Kerr ran into Miley Cyrus, and the two let fashion photographer Mert Alas take a quick close-up picture of them. Normally, I’d wonder something truly important and intellectual like whether or not this is the company that Miranda is going to keep now that she and Orlando Bloom are divorcing, but where the fuck are Miley’s eyebrows? If this leads to millions of stupid girls across the world taking up the alopecia look as “fashion,” we’re really going to have to start considering and taking the idea of mass sterilization more seriously.

Photo Credit: Miranda Kerr/Instagram

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 11/20/2013 12:54

    Wonder if they had to shave them to stop the latest lice infestation from spreading.

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    General Ballz 11/20/2013 15:10

    I’ve seen this picture before

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