Tati Neves A Once And Future Star in the Brazilian Paid Sex Industry (VIDEO)

Tati Neves Poses In A Thong Bikini For A Photoshoot In Rio This really is a Pretty Woman type fairytale. Tati Neves has been squatting on a lot of broke dicks, just waiting for the magical tool to lift her out of Brazilian sex worker obscurity. Along comes angry little lesbian Justin Bieber with a spray paint can in one hand, his stuffed animal comfort monkey Mr. Dithers in his other, demanding he be satisfied for two hundred Canadian dollars. Now Tati Neves is the toast of the town, the talk of sex trade Broadway. Photo shoots, interviews, Bieber-hired Amazonian assassins trying to kill her with poison tipped blow darts. It's all happening for Tati Neves, brothel worker, former porn starlet, and current vagina d' jour.

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Here's the Oscar worthy opening minute of Tati's adult film work when she was booked as Emanuele. You can see this girl was destined to be a star. It's like watching a young Meryl Streep. So powerful in her vulnerable quiet moments.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI

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